Account Setup
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Creating a new account

There are several ways to authenticate to Phabricator. You can register directly through the website or you can just link an existing account from other services like google, github or facebook.

NOTE: Currently you can NOT use your Let's Build a Game account to login; you have to create a new one on Phabricator.

Create Phabricator account

To register a new account with Phabricator, just click on Register New Account.

Now on the registration form, fill the fields with the required data:

  • Phabricator Username - Desired username to login
  • Real Name - Your complete name
  • Password and Confirm Password - Desired password (minimum of 8 characters)
  • Email - Email to send the confirmation code

After solving the captcha, click on Register Phabricator account to finish your account setup.

After this, check the registered email and click the confirmation link received.

Account settings

With the account created and logged in, we still need to configure some options. To do this, click on the tool icon located in the upper-left corner.

VCS password

We need to create a separate password to use when accessing repositories. This is for security reasons. You don't have to setup this password if you are not going to submit code/patches for review.

In the left menu, at Authentication session, click on VCS Password.

On the New VCS Password and Confirm VCS Password fields, fill with the desired password or use the one generated by Phabricator.

SSH Keys

SSH Keys are harder to set-up but they provide more security over the http option and you don't need to fill your password every time you submit changes for review.

In order to authenticate using ssh instead of http when cloning the repository, generate a SSH key if you don't have one already and then click on Upload public key.

Give your public-key a name to help identifying it and copy into the Public Key field.

Notification settings

Phabricator is quite verbose, and will send emails whenever an item you are subscribed to gets modified. We highly recommend you to follow the action below.

The Self Actions field has a default option Send me email when I take an action, change it to Do not send me an email when I take an action.

NOTE: All mail sent by Phabricator will come from the address. We recommend you to move emails from this address to a custom folder.

You can disable ALL mail sent to you by selecting the Never send email notifications option on the Email Notifications setting.

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