NOTE: We moved to Github!

Moving from Phabricator back to Github

When we started working on Hacker Experience 2, about two years ago, Github lacked several core features like code review and (properly) protected branches. We then decided to use Phabricator, a single place where all development could happen.

Feature-wise, Phabricator is great. However, its UI requires some getting used to. This brings some overhead and might scare potential contributors. In that sense, there is no way to fight against Github: everyone knows it and it has a great UI.

Another problem is maintenance: we have to keep Phabricator servers running. Our uptime has actually been greater than Github[1], but we don't have the resources to properly monitor and maintain this server.

For the past year, specially after some competition from GitLab and the dear-github letter, GitHub has advanced a lot in features. It now has a built-in review system, better handling of issues and more granular control over repositories.

I'd say that, right now, Github is at par with Phabricator when it comes to core development features. And because of that, moving back to Github makes sense for us.

Phabricator still has one great advantage over Github: we have full control over our data[2]. If we were a closed-source shop, or did not need help from contributors, I'd stick with Phabricator.

We moved to Github one week ago, and we feel we are much more productive. I'm not sure why this has happened, but I hope we can continue working at this pace for the next months.

Our Phabricator instance has valuable discussions and suggestions. We won't take it down. Instead, we'll make it read-only, and move all discussions to Github. This migration might be a bit painful, but we fully believe it's for the better. At Github, there is a smaller entry barrier, so more contributions will come.

We invite you to:

  1. Join our development chat to discuss/suggest features, mechanics etc.
  2. Create a Github.com account, if you don't already have one.
  3. Suggest features or engage into discussions on the GameDesign repository.

Our code repositories are still under active development and we can't support outside contributions yet. However, if you know Elixir, you might be interested into the Helix repository.

We still do not have a workflow ready for translations. We ask that you join our chat and make yourself available at the Translation channel, so you get notified when we start the translation work.

On behalf of everyone from our team, I'd like to thank you all for the support, contributions and patience. Special thanks for those who helped us keep Phabricator tasks organized. I'd like to invite previous moderators to help us keep our Github repositories organized. Please get in touch!


[1] - Not bragging. Github have their own unique challenges.

[2] - Git is distributed, so we can migrate away from Github in one click. Still, this over-centralization of open source projects into Github really scares me.

Welcome to the Hacker Experience 2 development center.

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Have fun and let's build a game.


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